America: Shootout in a subway station near the Pentagon, one dead

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Pentagon shot: Two people familiar with the shooting, who asked for anonymity, said at least one person had died.

Washington. The incident of the shooting became known on Tuesday at the Department of Defense’s Pentagon, the shooting took place near the closest subway station to the Pentagon. After this incident, the Pentagon completely cordoned off the area. The area was underway and several members of his team were injured. Two people familiar with the shooting, who asked for anonymity, said at least one person had died.

Police are observing a scene and items are seen on the ground near a metro bus outside

The Pentagon metropolitan area, Tuesday, August 3, 2021, in the Pentagon in Washington at a transit station outside the building, police said. The Pentagon official was stabbed to death and later died, according to officials who were not empowered to discuss the matter and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The incident occurred on the subway bus platform that is part of the Pentagon Transit Center, he tweeted and reported it to the Pentagon Protection Force Protection Agency. An Associated Press reporter heard several shots of the nearby Pentagon building. At that moment he heard the sound of another shot. Another AP reporter heard the police shout “Shooter”.

Following the incident of the shooting at the Pentagon, the agency’s official Twitter account said on Twitter:

“The Pentagon was closed once an event at the Pentagon Transit Center. We call on people to avoid this area. More information will be shared shortly.

An hour later the Pentagon wrote, “The crime scene is perfectly safe. This is still an active crime scene. We ask everyone to stay away from the subway entrance and the bus platform area. Incoming Pentagon traffic was diverted to the Pentagon. City.

The agency said the lockdown on the Pentagon had been lifted and the area opened; Corridor 2 and the subway entrance will remain closed for the time being; Corridor 3 has been opened to pedestrians.

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