Epidemic expert says Corona will end in the Britian in October

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Britain has seen a rapid decline in daily coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, Britain’s leading epidemiologist Neil Ferguson has claimed that Corona could land in Britain in a few months. Ferguson told the BBC that Britain was not fully out of the pandemic.

However, the low number of hospital admissions due to the coronavirus vaccine and the low risk of death from Corona has changed the equation fundamentally, yet the threat of Corona remains in Britain.

The low number of hospital admissions due to the coronavirus vaccine and the low risk of death from the coronavirus crisis has fundamentally changed the equation; However, a corona threat remains in Britain.

Neil Ferguson said,

“The effect of the vaccines in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death has been very high. I believe and I am sure that we can go back to pre-pandemic conditions by the end of September and October.

19 all fell to ban in July were criticized by health experts Plan to lift almost all restrictions July 19 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson). This is because cases have increased due to the highly contagious Delta variant in the country.

Week after week 21.5 ° Cline in covid cases

let’s tell you that coronavirus cases have been going down over the past six days in Britain fully unlocked. Week after week you will see an incline of 21.5 °. Even the experts are surprised. 17,54,674 new patients were found in the country; on July 26, 24,950 new patients were found.

Meanwhile, the number of patients admitted to hospitals has increased by 27% and therefore the nos of deaths have increased by 50%.
Did the heatwave stop the infection?

Some scientists say that this is due to heat. Any infection usually falls in summer. The infection may have stopped due to the mini Britain heatwave. Ian Buchan says there must be other reasons. The people of Britain may have gained herd immunity.

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