What is China saying about friendship and Pakistani threats to send an army?

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Terror Blast in Pakistan: China is now telling Pakistan’s terrorists to restrain their actions. This was after the terrorist attack in Pakistan on the Chinese.

China, which claims it is a friend of Pakistan now has its fury. Baloch people attacked a bus with a bomb, killing two Chinese engineers in Sindh province. These engineers had been involved with construction work in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. China is teaching Pakistan how to control terror. By the by, attacking Chinese people in this area of Pakistan is not something new. It is a part of the Baloch strategy.

What is happening in Pakistan

Pakistan must confront the rebelliousness of its own people every day. China’s trillion-dollar investment in Pakistan has been threatened. In the end, Pakistan could be forced to bear the brunt. Actually, what’s happening is that, for decades, the demand by Baloch rebels to seize Pakistan from Pakistan has become violent.

The Baloch are attacking the Pakistani army direct for the violence they are using

They are also attacking areas that have seen a significant investment from China, and where a road or bridge has been built. Baloch is also blocking the entrance of goods to the construction site. These attacks have escalated in recent years.

After the latest attack on China’s money China’s massive investment in Gwadar Port and Free Trade Zone in Balochistan, amounting to billions of dollars, is again in danger. Let’s just say that China has invested more than 60 billion dollars in Pakistan. In secret, China has given Pakistan large loans. China has no ability to do anything, even after expressing friendship with Pakistan. Baloch insurgency is a Pakistani internal problem.

Why is Balochistan so determined to be independent?

Baloch people believe Pakistan, after its separation from India, developed Sindh provinces and Punjab provinces. However, they never considered Balochistan. Baloch was left behind in terms of education, employment, health, and even healthcare. Baloch independence became a popular demand in the seventies.

The Pakistani Bhutto government used a brutal method to suppress the rebellion Baloch was subject to violence. Common Baloch civilians were also being killed by the Pak Army. In the 1973 conflict between the army of Baloch fighters, it is estimated that around 8 thousand Baloch civilian-combatants perished. A total of 500 Pakistani soldiers were also killed. After that, the matter was reopened but there was anger among the Baloch.

What is the Baloch fighter’s current strategy?

For freedom, the path of guerrilla warfare is being followed. Balochistan liberation army (BLA) represents the largest group of Baloch separatists. It has been a constant demand for the secession of Balochistan, Pakistan. Other separatist organizations are also uniting Baloch citizens for independence. They are pursuing China’s independence from Pakistan.

In the

Baloch rebels attacked the year 2019 Pearl Continent, Gwadar’s only five-star hotel. This hotel has been occupied by only Chinese officers working on infrastructure. He also threatened that he would not permit the CPEC to be completed. This shows that the Chinese do not feel safe in Pakistan. This is precisely the goal of the rebels, who have been demanding Pakistani independence since decades to be able to pressure the Pakistani government for its independence.

The tussle over Human Right

The Imran government already has huge debts. In such a state, she doesn’t want to leave China. To please Jinping, she inflicts violence upon her own people, the Baloch rebels as much as the Balochistan people. China is already committing violence against Uighurs when it comes to human rights. In such a circumstance, he has been trying to avoid direct action against Balochistan. He warned Pakistan after the latest attack that if the rebels were not controlled, the Chinese army will reach them. The official Chinese newspaper Global Times reported this warning.

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