Delhi Police bans paraglider, drone and other flying activities ahead of Independence Day.

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The sub-conventional aerial activities ban will remain in effect for a month, with reports of terrorists posing a threat.

Independence Day 2021. In response to reports that terrorists might pose a threat, Delhi Police have banned “subconventional aerial platforms” such as paramotors. Hot-air balloons and parajumping from Delhi Police till August 16. The order goes into effect on July 16.

Balaji Srivastava (Delhi Police Commissioner) issued a Thursday order stating that “It was reported that certain criminals or anti-social element or terrorists inimical towards India may pose a risk to the safety of general public and dignitaries by using subconventional aerial platforms such as paragliders. Paramotors. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. (UAVs), remotely-piloted aircraft. Hot-air balloons. Quadcopters. Or para-jumping from an aircraft.

IPC section 188 will see offenders charged for “disobedience in the execution of an order promulgated publicly by a public servant.”

This order was shared with all DCPs and Additional DCPs as well as ACPs, police stations (NDMC, MCD). PWD and DDA will be displayed on notice boards in the capital.

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