Yoga Session – Stress will disappear, belly fat will be decreased, try this yoga

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Yoga Session 

Include yoga in your daily routine. Slow down when you do yoga. These are the three rules to remember before you start your exercise: Take deep, long, slow breaths, do yoga at your own pace, and follow the pace.

Today’s Live Yoga Session taught us many simple yoga techniques. Yoga is good for your health. For people who wish to improve their stamina and be able to sit and work for long periods of time. Yoga is a great option. Yoga can also help maintain immunity. These asanas improve strength and digestion. These asanas improve health and relieve stress. Include yoga in your daily routine. Slowly is the best way to practice yoga. Keep these three rules in your mind before you start to exercise: Take a deep, long, and slow breath. Then, move at your own pace.

Butterfly Asana

Also known as butterfly posture, the butterfly posture is also known as butterfly posture. This is a particularly beneficial asana for women. You can do the butterfly pose by extending your legs in front of your body and keeping your spine straight. Bring your legs towards your pelvis by bending at the knees. Both your feet should be held tightly by both hands. For support, you can place your hands underneath your feet. Keep your heels as close as possible to the genitals. While you take deep, long breaths, exhale and push your thighs and thighs to the ground. Begin to move your legs upward and downward like a butterfly’s wings. Slowly speed up. Inhale and breathe in. This should be done as often as possible at the beginning. Gradually increase your exercise.


Paschimottanasanasana yoga’s name is derived from the combination two words Paschim and Uttan. Uttan is the word for stretched. West refers to the direction of the back or west. Paschimottanasana Yoga is a great way to relieve spinal pain. This asana causes a stretch to the back of the body, i.e. Paschimottanasana, or this asana, is due to the stretching of the spinal cord. This asana is beneficial to the entire body because it allows the whole body to stretch. Paschimottanasana is a great way to treat diabetes and relieve symptoms. This asana can also be very beneficial to people with high blood pressure.

Paschimottanasana’s Benefits

  • It is a great way to diminish stress
  • Helpful for removing abdominal fat
  • Making bones flexible.
  • Better digestion
  • Eliminates the problem of sleeplessnessUstrasana is Ushtra

It means camel. This asana requires you to sit on your yoga mat, support your knees with your hands and place both your hands on your hips. Your knees should be parallel with your shoulders, and your feet should point towards the sky. Inhale and pull your spine back as though it were being pulled from the navel. Keep your neck straightened and positioned without placing pressure on it. Take a few deep breaths while you are in this position. Inhale and return to the starting position. Straighten your arms and bring your hands back to your waist.

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