The average age of people will rise by the end century. They will be able to comfortably live until 125-130.

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According to the study, the average lifespan of humans is increasing.

According to the study, if the trend continues, the average human life span will increase to 125 to 130 years by the end.

Despite the risk to your life from Coronavirus and other diseases, there is some good news. Researchers claim that humans’ average lifespan could increase by the end century. The study also revealed that humans will live an average of 125 to 130 years.

Recent research focused on those over 100 years old. This research included some special people who have reached the hundred-year mark. Many of these people were over 110 years old. According to the study, the number of people who join the club over 110 years old is on the rise. All over the globe, people were signing up. This means that people’s average life expectancy is increasing. Bayesian theory is used to draw these conclusions.

What does the study reveal?

According to the study, the human lifespan would be 125-132 years by 2100. Research shows that people’s ability to earn a living is affected by their access to clean water, good food, and better medical facilities. Michael Pearce, the University of Washington lead author of this study, said that “people are at their peak of humanity.” The Olympics is a race. It should be about how fast we can run, but it should also include how long we live. One million people in the world have completed 100-years. 600 people have reached 110 and 120 in 100 years. Their ability to live is improving slowly.

How is it possible for a human to live to 130 years old?

Although there will never be a magic bullet to prolong your life, you can make sure that your lifestyle is healthy and long-lasting. Humans will live longer if they eat well, drink clean water, are clean, and take more steps in the medical profession. The government and economic policies can help improve the quality of life and human health. According to the study on Human Lifespan, 68% of people can live up to 124 years. Only 13% of people will reach 130. Extremely difficult will be reaching the age 135 The study involved elderly people from the UK, Japan, Canada, USA, and Canada.

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