Sir Ludwig Gutmann: Who is called the father of Paralympic Games,Google honors him with the doodle

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Guttmann was born July 3, 1899, in Germany to a Jewish family. He was a German-British neurologist. The stock Mandeville games were started by Guttmann. It was an event for physically challenged people, later recognized in England as the Paralympic Games.


Today marks the birthday of Sir Ludwig Guttmann who is known as the father of the Paralympic Games. Google has created a Google Doodle to honor him on this occasion. In a portrait by Ashanti Fortson, based in Baltimore, Guttman is seen together with Paralympic athletes. Guttman is credited with being among the first to offer physical activities for the handicapped. He was the one who laid the foundation for the Paralympic campaign.


a German-British neurologist was born on 3 July 1899 to a German Jewish family. The stock Mandeville games were started by Guttmann. It was an event for physically handicapped people, later known as the Paralympic Games. Guttmann was forced to leave Germany in 1939 with his family because of the persecution of Jews in Germany. After 1933’s Nuremberg Laws, Guttmann was prohibited from practicing medicine.

Gutman organized a 16-person archery competition in 1948. This is believed to have been one of the first sporting events that disabled people could participate in. This game was later renamed the “Stoke Mandeville Games” or the “Olympics for the Disabled”. This event was a big deal at the international level.


the creator of the image, said, “I hope my sketch will spark ideas about understanding each other without dehumanizing,” what it means to have equal access and how we can all be together.” We can create an accessible and same space for all.


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