America: Twitter-Facebook banned in America, Donald Trump’s Team launched GETTR

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America: Twitter-Facebook Banned in America, Donald Trump’s team Launched GETTR

Jason Miller, a former senior advisor to Donald Trump, launched GETTR, a social media platform that is Twitter-like. It promotes free speech and content “without prejudice”.


For a long time, former US President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook. Trump’s supporters have found a new way to support him. His team launched a social media platform because of Trump’s passion and love for social media. Jason Miller, a former Trump senior advisor, has created GETTR, a social media platform that is similar to Twitter. It promotes free speech and content “without prejudice”. The former President has yet to create an account on this platform.


can be downloaded for free from the Google play store or from Apple App Store. You can also access this app through your browser. It has been rated as “M” to use the App store, meaning that users aged 17 and over should not use it. It is very similar in appearance to Twitter, which has many features of a microblogging website.

Miller launched the Gator

Although President Trump isn’t on the stage right now, I still have my Gator. The handle’realDonaldTrump” is reserved. He said that if Trump is looking at us, then we will appeal to him to join us on this platform.

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