Imran Khan stated that Pakistan can support America in peace but not in war.

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Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, stated that he felt humiliated as a Pakistani when Pakistan joined the US in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan.


Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, stated Wednesday that he felt more “humiliated” than when Pakistan fought in Afghanistan against terrorists. It was decided that America should be supported in the war. Imran Khan stated that Pakistan can only support America in peace but not in war.

These statements were made by Imran Khan during a discussion in the National Assembly on various issues, just days after the budget for the next financial year was approved by a majority. Imran Khan made a clear statement about future cooperation with the US. He said it would be based upon cooperation, not the Pakistan-US partnership during the war on terror after 9/11. This led to a significant setback for Pakistan.

Pakistan PM: “When we have,” reported many services. Did they (USA) praise or accept our sacrifices? Instead, they called us hypocrites and blamed us. Instead of praising Pakistani culture, he called them bad-mouthed.


America is urging Pakistan to end its friendship with China

Khan said, “We have decided that we will be America’s most important ally in the fight against terrorism.” I asked questions over and over. What was the point of war? Is there any country that has jumped into another country’s war and lost 70 000 lives? Khan stated that Pakistan must have peace in Afghanistan if it wants to establish economic ties with West Asian nations.(agency input).

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