Corona isn’t giving up! People suffering from gangrene will see their sugar levels rise after they have recovered.

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After Kovid Effects:

About 480 people, or 16 percent, reported that their blood sugar levels have increased following Kovid. 84% or 28% of people reported feeling weak after long periods of recovery.

New Delhi

People who have suffered from Coronavirus infection are reporting increased sugar symptoms. Recent data from All India Institute of Medical Sciences Patna, (AIIMS Patna) has revealed this. The survey revealed that patients who have been treated with Kovid-19 are experiencing an unusual rise in blood sugar. The hospital sought information from approximately three thousand people during this period.

NDTV reports

that Dr. Anil Kumar (Head of Post Trauma Department & Community Outreach) said that he has asked people about 11 different health problems. These include fatigue, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness. Patients who had recovered from the disease were asked to eat better and take care of their health so they can live a long life.

What information was the survey able to provide? Help in these three ways what is the best way to get started?

A total of 480 people (or 16 percent) reported that their blood sugar levels have increased since Kovid treatment. A total of 840 people, or 28 percent, said that they feel weak even after long periods of recovery. 636 people, or 21.2 percent of those surveyed, said they feel tired. Other than that, 15.8% of the people had a cough, 5% had trouble breathing, 0.33% had Gangrene, and 7% had hypertension. 0.16% also had black fungus. About 4% had mental issues.

Scientists and doctors are currently gathering information on ‘Long Kovid. Many problems were still seen even after many patients in the world received a negative test. To date, the country has seen 2 crore 945,000 88 thousand 918 patients become healthy.

48 000, 786 cases of Kovid Infection have been reported in the country within the past 24 hours. During this time, 1 000 5 people also died. The new figures add up to a total of 3 million 4 lakh 11 thousand 634 confirmed patients. Three lakh 99 thousand 459 of these patients have died. Currently, the country is treating 5 lakh, 23000, 257 patients.

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